Loftie Lamp Support


Yes, the Loftie Lamp is powered by an included power adapter.

Yes, the Loftie Lamp is a WiFi connected device and requires a 2.4 gHz connection (which almost every router broadcasts).

You need to use the app for the initial setup of the Loftie Lamp and to have access to setting alarms and custom color options. If you prefer not to use an app, you can still use the lamp with preset light modes. The app is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

On top of the wide selection of solid colors and gradients we've curated, you can create, name, and set your own custom modes.

Yes! The brightness is adjustable with the arrow buttons on the back.

We think you’ll love your new lamp, BUT Loftie does offer a 60-day return policy , just make sure to save all your original packaging.

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