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Calm nights.
Happy mornings.

Loftie is a thoughtfully connected alarm clock designed for people who want to keep the phone out of the bedroom.

Precisely what you need,
nothing you don't.

White noise

Media player



Alarm clock

What can I play on it?

Listen to your favorite podcast or playlist — or relax with Loftie’s unique content, including sound baths, breathwork, and bedtime stories.

When can I get one?

The Loftie Clock launches on Indiegogo at the end of April and ships in early fall.

Do I need my phone to use it?

Nope — you can play everything right from the clock. But, if you want to set your alarm or make a playlist while you’re out of the house, we’ve got an app, too.

How is it different from Alexa/Google Home?

It's connected in a way to help you disconnect. No microphones listening or cameras watching — only the things you need to wind down and wake up.