Loftie Hospitality & Spa

Sleep is the most important factor in a guest’s stay. Let Loftie help.

Help your guests fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed with Loftie.


We'll work with your team to create custom audio content, be it a history of the property or an intro session from the yoga studio next door.


A few seconds is all it takes to reset a Loftie for the next guest so you can be sure you won’t be hearing about an alarm set by the last guest.


See all your devices through a custom web portal to remotely monitor and reset.

100+ Equinox Clubs

We worked with Equinox to equip every massage treatment room across their 100+ clubs with the Loftie Clock. The Loftie Clock is as much about the wind-down as it is the wake-up, which makes it perfect for a spa setting. Its subtle display won’t ruin the mood, and there’s no microphone so you won’t be hearing, “Sorry, I didn’t get that?” With 30 calming sounds, plus loads more meditations, sound baths, and breathwork sessions, we’re positive the Loftie Clock will add an extra layer of calm to your guests’ experience.

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