Loftie+ Membership
Loftie+ Membership
Loftie+ Membership

Loftie+ Membership

Custom-made bedtime stories, horoscopes, soothing meditations, tailored affirmations, and more.


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Audio content you can customize

Choose from an ever-expanding library of content starters, and easily add your customizations. You'll get completely unique, one-of-a-kind content every single time, playable from your Loftie App or Clock.

Unique every single time

Thanks to our exclusive creative AI, each and every story is unique, even if you use the same outline.

This is not a Mad Lib where we slot your details into pre-planned sentences. This is completely unique, one-of-a-kind audio, read aloud in a real voice.

Every story you make is stored safely in your Loftie app or Clock to replay whenever you'd like.

Browse sleep stories for adults



“Why is the sound of a train at night so soothing?” Beat the heat on a snowy train ride through Norway.



Calm glassy waters, nature unfolding, and a cool breeze.


Penelope and Sam

We wrote a spirited tale about friendship and a magical dinner party for Hope and her two special dogs Penelope and Sam.


Ken is Missing

Christina and her friends help Barbie find Ken and bring him back safely to Barbie's Horse Ranch.


You Are Amazing

Sometimes we forget to show appreciation for the special people in our lives. With this story, Annie was given the opportunity to tell her mom how much she notices all that she brings to her life.



Imagine yourself as Carol, living in the bustling city of Stockholm in the year 1955. As you close your eyes, you can almost feel the cobblestone streets beneath your feet...

Browse content for kids



You float peacefully through the sky to a magical orchard, ripe with charming characters and delightful surprises.


Rye and Terry

We took Rye (5 years old) from Brooklyn and his T-Rex friend Terry through Prospect Park. Parent bonus: We think Rye’s going to be more excited for naps now.



Doze off at a farmhouse in the English countryside while Jane Greenoff, author and legendary textile artist, reads to you.



A sweet tale of your pet having a wonderful adventure before they - spoiler alert - return home to a big hug from their favorite person: you.

The Magic of Personalized Audio


There is nothing like the experience of hearing exactly what you want, moments after you make it.

Whether you're hearing familiar names, a fictional plot play out exactly as you want, or meditations tailored to your goals, you truly haven't heard anything like it.


There is no limit to how many stories you can make. Create a new bedtime story each night, a fresh goal-focused meditation, or play the same tracks over and over.


Personalized content has been proven to be more engaging and transformative than a one-size-fits-all approach.


Because your stories should sound the way you want. Record a short voice memo in our secure app, and have your stories read aloud in your voice. Think of it like an audio version of turning your handwriting into a font.

Your story's safe with us

We have extremely detailed content moderation guidelines to ensure your content is safe, appropriate, and enjoyable.

We never share your stories, personal details, or data with anyone. Your stories stay with you, on your Loftie App or Clock.


Loftie+ is your personalized content maker. Your monthly membership gives you access to our ever-expanding library, with new stories and content added monthly.

Choose a Loftie+ story outline in your Loftie app or on your browser, and you'll be taken through a few short questions. We'll use your responses to generate a unique custom audio track.

You can play all your custom Loftie+ content in your Loftie app or on your Loftie Clock.

Your information is collected and used solely to create your personalized stories. We do not sell your data, content, or personal details, and only store it as long as is necessary.

Yes, but personalized means exactly that – it's up to you.

Some people prefer lots of customization. Others want more off-the-shelf content. Loftie+ puts you in control.

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