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Alarms 101

Wake Up Better
You don’t have to hate your alarm. And with Loftie, you might even love it. We’ve designed our two-phase alarm system and custom melodic tones to match the way you naturally wake up—working with your brain, instead of against it.

What Is A Two-Phase Alarm, Anyway?

According to science, our brains and bodies aren’t designed to get up quickly. Think of our two-phase alarm like a light dimmer instead of a light switch—it wakes you up gradually, rather than jerking your brain out of sleep.

Phase 1: Gently lulls you out of sleep with soft sounds, automatically fading after 30 seconds.

Phase 2: Fully wakes you up 9 minutes later with a continuous, melodic sound.

Loftie’s Alarm Tones

Studies have shown that melodic alarms, as opposed to typical beeping alarms, can help reduce grogginess upon waking up. Choose from our wide variety of custom tones to wake up how you want—and never get bored with constant new additions.


Wake up sound: Ambient and relaxing, our custom wake-up sounds calmly rouse you from sleep


Get-Up Sound: Distinct and repetitive, our custom get-up sounds let you know it’s time to get out of bed.

The Most Convenient Clock Ever

Pre-Set Alarms: No need to remember to turn your alarm off for the weekend, or back on before Monday. Customize your alarm schedule once, and never think of it again.

Customizable Volume: Set the exact alarm volume that works for you.

Mobile App: Unexpected early work meeting? Change your alarm schedule in our app—whenever, wherever.

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