What’s your ideal sleep routine?

Answer a few simple questions about your habits, lifestyle, and preferences. We'll generate a routine and rituals to help you combat burnout, decrease stress, and get more restorative rest.


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What time do you usually go to bed?

Do you have a consistent bedtime and wake-up time?

How many hours of sleep do you typically get each night?

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What activities do you typically engage in during the hour before bed?

Do you sleep with someone when you go to bed?

What best describes where you live?

Why do we ask this question?
Where you live can affect your sleep. At Loftie, we believe great sleep needs to take into account factors like temperature, humidity, elevation, and daylight patterns where you live.

What career would you most like to have?

Why do we ask this question?
Professions come with lifestyles and schedules. What we're drawn to can reflect our internal rhythms and sleep preferences.

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The Relaxed Wind-down

Have you felt like you’re no longer the nightlife creature you might’ve once been? That’s your body doing what’s natural.

Let yourself prioritize mental well-being and know a bit of FOMO - or skipping a late-night work session - is actually totally fine. Stress and overthinking might be your primary roadblocks to restorative sleep. Here’s what to do.

The Active Wind-Downer

Long story short, turning off your brain is tough!

You are part of 55% of the population - you feel alert when the sun rises and might start feeling sleepy as it sets. (Life gets in the way, so this may not feel true.) As a result - and lucky for you - society’s usually structured around you.

Since you’re so alert, don’t deny that when it’s bedtime - have an active but calm wind-down.

The Ultra-Comfort Lover

We don’t mean comfort in the blanket-loving, bury-me-in-soft-pillows sense. Comfort for you means peaceful surroundings and easy-to-maintain habits. Giving your sleep set-up some TLC will have you feeling noticeably more rested, especially if you’re physically active and feel like your poor sleep is undermining your efforts elsewhere.

The Practical Powerhouse

First to show up, last to leave, first to log back on when everyone else is off. Sound familiar?

Whatever your "work" is, that plus your many commitments and household chores are compromising your quality rest. Let's set some easy, practical boundaries.

Sleep Tips

Your ideal sleep environment

It’s not easy, but getting your to-do list done earlier in the day will make everything feel easier. Create a cool bedroom environment under 68° F. And Even if you like heavy-weight blankets, choose something breathable like the Temperature Balancing Blanket.

Your pre-bedtime activity

Tell your brain it’s safe to turn off by playing a 10-minute meditation or breath work session on the Loftie clock. If writing calms you down, use the famous 5 Minute Journal.

Your bedtime snack

First, eat dinner three hours before bed so that you’re not still digesting while sleeping. Second, before bed, sip a bit of hot water with LMNT hydration powder. If you need something substantial, have a piece of dark chocolate or spoonful of nut butter.

Sleep Tips

Your ideal sleep environment

Keep things simple: dark blackout curtains and circulating air. Block out disruptive environmental sounds with Loftie’s sleep sounds.

Your pre-bedtime activity

Mind over matter isn’t always true. Your body can tell your brain to calm down. Do gentle stretching in bed, like physical therapist Jessica Valant’s quick routine. Or make some non-stimulating content withLoftie+ Storymaker.

Your bedtime snack

Blend yourself a cup of “sleep elixir” - warm water with magnesium powder like Ned’s Mello Superblend. For something more substantial, have a small bowl of yogurt - not frozen yogurt :) - or a slice of cheese.

Sleep Tips

Your ideal sleep environment

Not to sound like your mom, but make your bed. Even if it’s an hour before you get into bed at night, it is an easy habit and calming visual signal to your brain. Take a minute to go around your room and prepare it for rest — turning on your white noise, refilling a humidifier, propping up a plush pillow.

Your pre-bedtime activity

We believe habits come from feeling good, not from feeling deprived or bossed around. Stretch by letting yourself flop over and move however feels good - no routine needed. Listen to a calming podcast or audiobook while you do it. Take a warm shower or bath with Soakness Epsom salts

Your bedtime snack

Support your easing into sleep with a treat, especially if you experience revenge bedtime procrastination. Sip on warm water, sprinkle in some Liquid IV for flavor and electrolytes. Have some dark chocolate, a slice of cheese or even a handful of potato chips. No disruptive glucose spikes here.

Sleep Tips

Your ideal sleep environment

Declutter your bedroom for a clearer mind and fewer visual reminders of your obligations. Proper ventilation and air circulation go a long way too in deeper rest. A small fan can do wonders.

Your pre-bedtime activity

Setting tomorrow’s tone starts at night. Set a carafe of water on your nightstand so you can take a sip first thing upon waking - this solidifies to your body that you’re awake. And do our muscle relaxing breathwork on your Loftie Clock. Your body will signal your brain to calm down.

Your bedtime snack

What’s better than a treat, especially if you’re feeling revenge bedtime procrastination? Have cheese and crackers, whole-grain toast with some avocado, or a hard boiled egg with some Everything But the Bagel seasoning - all things that won’t create a disruptive glucose spike.

The Best Features For You

The average sleeper sets an alarm to wake up to. People who get the best rest set a sleep alarm time too: set the Loftie Clock’s bed signal 30 minutes before bed. Consider it your electronics curfew, at least for a week.

Fall asleep to one of Loftie+’s Storymaker personalized stories. if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, turn on pink noise - a sleeper hit.

The Loftie Lamp also has a wind down feature that uses fading red light to signal to your body it’s time to sleep.

Gradual wakeups are ideal for everybody chronotype. The Loftie Clock’s two-phase alarm system is great for keeping your sleep schedule regulated and avoiding jarring wake ups.

But take it a step further: most people set a wake time and stop there. True sleep hackers set a sleep alarm time too: set an alarm 30 minutes before bed. Consider it your electronics curfew, at least for a week.

Consistency is key for every single person - but it’s especially important for you. Your active mind could keep you up all night! Take advantage of the Loftie Lamp’s bed signal and wind-down mode. Your body can’t help but calm things down.

Most people set a wake time and stop there. True sleep hackers set a sleep alarm time too - 30 minutes before bed. Consider it your electronics curfew and really try to put your phone away.

The Loftie Clock also comes with a large library of soothing content. The meditations or breathwork soothe a racing mind before bed. 

There is plenty you can do before you get in bed to improve how restorative your sleep is. Our circadian clocks are more sensitive to light than anything else, so give it a hand: expose yourself to calming sleep-signaling light. Schedule the Loftie Lamp to turn on gentle Candle Mode or Red Light an hour before you want to get into bed.

Make mornings easier with Loftie Clock’s gentle two-phase alarm. First, you’ll hear a softer wake-up tone to bring you into consciousness. Nine minutes later, you’ll hear the “get-up” tone, more melodic and percussive to help you get out of bed. (There are over 20 tones to choose from.)

Most people set a wake time and stop there. You, busy as you are, could benefit from a sleep alarm time too. Set a gentle alarm to sound 30 minutes before bed. Consider it your electronics curfew and really try to put your phone away.

Even if you have to stay up late, you can still get the best quality rest in the time you’re asleep. A great way to do this: expose yourself to calming sleep-signaling light. Set the Loftie Lamp to turn on gentle Candle Mode or Red Light an hour before you need to be snoozing.

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Friendly reminder that this is not medical advice. We’re not doctors or scientists, just total sleep nerds. These results are meant to be a starting point, not a diagnosis. If you’re interested in learning more, or if you’re having chronic sleep issues, we recommend talking to your doctor.