Lamp and the Loftie App

Your lamp connects with the Loftie app to unlock features such as sunrise alarms and custom light modes. You can always choose to use your lamp solely offline if you’d prefer to not connect it.  


In order to connect your lamp to the Loftie app, enter pairing mode on your lamp by holding down the Up arrow and the Select button at the same time. Your lamp will restart and then display blue lights. 

Download and open the Loftie app and select Add Device to get started. Follow the instructions on the screen. If you need help you can email us at


In the App 

On the main screen, you’ll be able to see quick select options to change the current mode of your lamp. Swipe on the main top module to change views between your Loftie Lamp and Loftie Clock (or to add another device). 

The Morning and Evening modules on the bottom of the screen will show you the next alarm and any evening features you have enabled. Click the + to quickly add an alarm at any time. Learn more about Loftie Lamp alarms here. 

You can find additional information and settings in the menu on the top right. 


Custom Light Modes

Select the arrow to the right of the modes on the main lamp screen to bring up the Modes page. 


Here you can select any of the modes to adjust your lamp in real-time or select the arrows on either custom mode to add and customize two additional modes on your lamp. These will save to your lamp directly for use anytime without the app. You can always return to the app to adjust if you decide to make a change. 

We will be adding many additional custom options. If you have any requests or inspiration please email us at