Lamp Evening Features

Here at Loftie, we believe that having a consistent and enjoyable bedtime routine is just as important as the morning. Besides being a great reading light, your Loftie Lamp has several features designed for evening use. 

Night Mode

First and foremost, one of the core Loftie Lamp modes is meant to be used in the evening. Night mode has no blue light so you can get ready for bed without worrying about inadvertently keeping your brain away. The red hue may seem different at first, but trust us, it’s actually our favorite to turn on after the sun has gone down. 

Bed Signal 

If you have our Loftie Clock, you’re familiar with this one! The Bed Signal is meant to let you know that it’s time to turn the TV off, put down that book, shut the laptop, etc, and get ready for bed. Establishing a consistent bedtime is key to getting a good night of sleep! 

At the set time, the Loftie Lamp will turn on. You can pair this with the Loftie Clock for a nice audible reminder as well. Turn it off by simply clicking any button. 


Sometimes knowing you’re supposed to go to sleep isn’t the same thing as actually going to sleep. Utilize Wind-Down mode to force future you to shut those eyes rather than stay up hours past your bedtime. 

At the set time, Wind-Down mode will start a gradual sunset. Essentially the opposite of a sunrise alarm, Wind-Down mode is your own personal sunset. Don’t worry, it happens over the course of nine minutes so it won’t be jarring and you have time to finish your chapter. Finish early? Simply turn it off early by clicking any button.