Dark Dots - 10 Sticker Sheet
Dark Dots - 10 Sticker Sheet

Dark Dots - 10 Sticker Sheet

Cover up those pesky LEDs.

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Cover up those pesky LEDs that are always glaring away just when you're trying to hit the hay. Sheet of ten dots.
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Cover up those pesky LEDs that are always glaring away just when you're trying to hit the hay. Sheet of ten dots.


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Yes, the Loftie Clock is primarily a wall-connected device, powered by an included USB-C cable and power adapter. The Loftie Clock does include a rechargeable back-up battery should the power go out.

Yes, the Loftie Clock is a WiFi connected device and requires a 2.4 gHz connection.

The phone application is required for the initial setup of the Loftie Clock. After that, it is entirely up to you! All the features available on the app are accessible on the Loftie Clock, and we encourage you to put your smartphone away in the bedroom. The app is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Yes! As new features and content are released, your Loftie Clock will be updated to include them, all that is required by you is a simple restart.

The Loftie Clock display is adjustable, and offers a full ‘blackout mode’ that completely turns off the display, helping you maintain a completely dark sleeping space.

While we hope you get better sleep immediately, we understand it can take a while to fully test the Loftie Clock's features and build sleep-changing habits. Loftie has a 30-day return policy with free return shipping, just make sure to save all your original packaging.

Go To Bed Relaxed

Sound Baths
White Noise
Nature Sounds
Bluetooth Speaker

“Whether it’s the night-light, the snooze button, or the sound of the alarm tones, every detail feels like it’s been refined to reinforce a state of calm.”

— Wirecutter

What Is A Two-Phase Alarm, Anyway?

According to science, our brains and bodies aren’t designed to be shocked awake. Our Two-Phase alarm mimics your body’s natural waking process—it wakes you up gradually, rather than jerking your brain out of sleep.

Phase 1:

Gently lulls you out of sleep with soft sounds, automatically fading after 30 seconds.

Phase 2:

Fully wakes you up 9 minutes later with energizing, melodic sounds.

Newly Launched

Meet the Loftie Lamp

Wake to warm, colorful light gently traveling up the length of the lamp in a personal sunrise.

Signal bedtime with soft colors that gradually dim and descend into a calm glow.

Sleek, modern design that lights up a room whether it’s on or not.

Easily adjust the color, tone, and brightness to match your mood or mode.