Hi, my name’s Matt.

I founded Loftie in 2018 and ended up in the hospital five years later for the exact problem I was trying to solve: the lack of quality sleep due to an unhealthy relationship with technology.

After averaging five hours of sleep per night, drinking six cups of coffee during the day, and constantly being glued to my phone, I blacked out at a 200 person event. All of this happened in the course of one week when the routines and habits I had so carefully constructed, lapsed.

I’m sharing this now because March is National Sleep Awareness Month, and our mission at Loftie has always been to help people rest, relax, and recharge by using technology as a tool, not a destination.

This month, we’re helping you re-examine your relationship with technology by sharing tips on how to build better morning and evening routines, by diving into the benefits of different types of white noise, and by giving you access to new content like breathwork and sleep stories.

Thank you for trusting us to make your days brighter and your evenings calmer. If you’d like to reach me, my personal inbox is always open: matthew@byloftie.com (except if I’m sleeping :)

Matt Hassett
CEO and Founder, Loftie
Emma the dog, Loftie’s resident sleep expert
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