Sounds not working

Having trouble with the sounds on your Loftie Clock? We know how important this is and we’re here to make sure your clock is able to play all your favorite sounds all night long.

Here are a couple of common things to check before we dive deeper:

Check the volume

Loftie Clock has one volume control for the alarms and a separate one for all the other sounds. Both can be accessed by navigating to the SETTINGS menu using the buttons on the top of the clock. Check that the volume is turned up high enough for you to hear. More on volume here.

Seeing a “!”

If you see an exclamation point next to any audio tracks on your Loftie Clock, don't worry. Your Loftie is background downloading and it is a normal part of the update process. Your Loftie is updating, reformatting, or downloading files and may need up to a few hours before finishing, depending on the file size and the WiFi speed.

IMPORTANT: Please leave your Loftie plugged in and connected to a 2.4ghz WiFi signal during updates. Also, playing other audio files will pause background downloading. It will resume again once audio is no longer playing. Learn more here (link to Updates page)

Need more help?

If you still have no luck after trying the steps listed above, please contact us at and include:

  • The serial number on the bottom of your device

  • The email address you used to make your Loftie App account (if it’s not the one your writing us with)

  • Details of what you are experiencing

    • What issue with sounds are you having and when does it occur

    • What you have tried so far

    • A video of the sound issue if possible