Clock - Sound Content


Loftie has an entire rainbow of color noises available in the SOUNDS menu.

We’re always looking to add more sounds. If there’s a sound missing for you, contact us at We take requests!



Playlists are where you will find some tools to help you relax. There are daily meditations and breathwork exercises. Soundbaths and sound patterns (for all you ambient music fans out there) and some classical music.

We also have stories! Check out the Snoozecast for some tales to lull you to sleep. And for younger Loftie users check out Phive minutes with Phoebe for some stories for kids, told by a kid.



Loftie+ members will have access to additional content beyond the sounds and playlists that come with the clock. This includes customized personal stories, meditations, and affirmations, as well as bonus sounds, horoscopes, education, poetry, news, language learning, and more. 



Loftie does not have a radio (that is, the classic AM/FM tuner), but, Loftie does have Bluetooth capability.


Partial Hearing Loss

You can stream your own content to Loftie, allowing you to play songs and playlists that have optimal sound frequencies for you. 

We at Loftie continue to research ways to improve our product and have started a wishlist of features for those with varying levels of hearing loss. Some additions we are considering are an alarm system that flashes light, and a library of alarm tones that may be more optimal for those with hearing loss.


Have ideas about sound content you want to see on Loftie? Email us at