Kids make so much noise during the day that it’s tempting for parents to insist on utter silence at bedtime. But research has shown that for many people (adults and kids alike) sound - the right sound - can actually be a gamechanger when it comes to getting the quality rest that we all need. For children, the right soundscape can be vital to helping them get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer, which is important because it’s during sleep that  their brains process and retain everything they’ve been absorbing while awake. So as you are creating a sleep-friendly environment in your kid’s bedroom, consider incorporating these top 5 sleep sounds for kids. 

White noise

One of the best sounds for sleep is white noise, which can block out distracting sounds by creating a steady, even tone. A study featured in the Journal of Sleep Medicine found that white noise decreased background noise so well that even hospital patients were able to get a better nights’ sleep. Children can be especially sensitive to intrusive sounds, but even if something does wake your little one, white noise can smooth the way back to sleep. 

Ocean waves

If you’re considering sleep sounds for toddlers, the sound of a “whooshing” ocean not only signals calm and safety, but because it’s reminiscent of the sounds they heard in their mother’s womb, this sound in particular can help small bodies drift off to happy slumber. 

Other water sounds

Water is one of the best sleep sounds because it signals tranquility. From a light, summer rain shower or a steady flow of a waterfall, the restorative effects of water on the body and mind are hard to miss. A study, published by the Annals of Internal Medicine found that gentle, gradual sounds of moving water can block other noises, creating a better environment for rest. 

Nature sounds

Other soothing sounds for kids include nature or wilderness noises. A study published in 2014 in Nature found that sounds that incorporate our natural world induce sleep and lower anxiety, stress and depression. Like a mental walk in the woods, nature sounds can be the perfect backdrop to a baby or teen’s nightly routine. Plus, they are a great way to add sound effects to your next pillow fort camping experience. 

Relaxing music

Finally, one of the best sleeping sounds for kids is soft, relaxing music. Scientists at Hungary’s Semmelweis University found that classical music offered improved sleep quality, focus and even relief from certain sleep disorders. Offering music to help soothe and calm is a powerful way to help children unwind and relax at the end of the day.

There are many ways to bring these sounds into your space, but of course, we think the easiest and healthiest is with a Loftie Clock since you can easily create a sleep-friendly environment for your child with the push of a button.

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