WiFi and Technical Specs

Loftie is primarily a wall-connected device, powered by an included USB-C cable and power adapter. USB-C is the latest universal charging standard found in numerous laptops and mobile phones, making it a versatile way to connect Loftie to power. Your Loftie does include a rechargeable back-up battery should the power go out. 


Loftie devices are WiFi connected. They require a consistent 2.4ghz WiFi connection in order to function. Certain types of routers may require settings adjustments for Loftie to work properly. If you're not sure if you have the right specifications, contact your router's manufacturer and ask about using an IoT (Internet of Things) device that needs a stable 2.4ghz WiFi connection. 


Loftie does not have an auxiliary (aux) port for wired headphones.


Loftie does not have any microphones listening or cameras watching—only the things you need for winding down and waking up.


Loftie does not have a charging port for a USB cable. We don't think you should be charging your phone on your bedside anyway!  


Like all electrical appliances, Loftie does dissipate electric energy. Unlike a phone, however, Loftie does not require a cell phone signal or WiFi signal, which means far less wireless activity. A Bluetooth signal is only sent when the user actively turns it on.



164 mm L x 70 mm W x 70 mm H. Or about 6.5 in. L x 2.75 in. W x 2.75 in. H.


Where is Loftie made and manufactured?

Loftie is designed in the United States and manufactured in China.


Can I use Loftie in other countries?

Loftie was designed for use in the US and Canada. The clock has received certification for power voltage compatibility in the US, Canada, UK, and EU countries. While there are Loftie users around the world, we recommend checking that your country's power voltage will be compatible with US electronic devices. You may need a power converter in order to avoid issues. Please see Loftie's Warranty policy for more information about what areas are covered. 


What colors does Loftie come in?

All Lofties have a black shell, but the tops come in not one, but two (dare we say) gorgeous combos; white and black. We also release seasonal special edition colors such as pine, coral, sage, and rust. And there's even more on the way. Have a color suggestion? Send us a note! 


Can I set multiple alarms on Loftie?

Yes, about a dozen. If you need more alarms than that, we’d like to feature you on our social channels ;)