What Does A "!" Mean Next To Audio Tracks?

As you might have noticed, with our most recent Firmware update (v 3_1.1.5), some audio tracks have an exclamation point "!" next to them. This update has brought some technical changes to how audio files are stored in the clock's memory. This will bring numerous improvements to Loftie's performance across the board, but the process involves re-downloading the clock's MP3 files.


Please allow your clock a little time to finish downloading all of the data. Depending on the WiFi speed, this might take several hours. However, because of Loftie's new background downloading feature, you will still be able to use most of the other functions on your clock, as well as any audio tracks that have finished downloading. Bluetooth playback will also be unavailable until the download process is finished.


All the alarms and the basic Brown Noise track are already downloaded and available to use right away. As other tracks download, the "!" will disappear and you'll be able to listen.

If your clock has not finished downloading all of the content in the next 24 hours, please write us at support@byloftie.com and we'd be more than happy to help get everything working properly.