Use: Stuck Waking Up

Sometimes we all need a little extra time to wake up, but we get it—it's not ideal when it's your alarm clock. 

The Loftie: Waking Up screen indicates that your clock is searching for and attempting to connect to the last known WiFi network. 

If you're seeing your clock stuck on this screen for a longer period of time than normal (10-20 seconds) it is likely that the last known network it was connected to (probably your home network) is not currently available. We recommend double-checking that your network is online and available to connect. 

Changes to your network? 

Need to get Loftie to forget your network and reconnect, but stuck seeing the waking up message? Hold down the LEFT arrow when you see the Loftie: Waking Up screen to skip to the main clock without connecting. Then select Forget WiFi from the Settings menu and use the app to reconnect your clock to the currently available network. 

Need more help?

Email us at with the following information: 

  • S/N on the bottom of your device

  • If this is your first time setting up Loftie or if you're a seasoned pro. 

  • What you have tried so far