Traveling with your Loftie

Traveling with your Loftie? That's great, we love it! 


A few tips and tricks to make sure your journey is smooth: 

  • Before you leave, make sure your Loftie is on software 1.1.14 or later. Learn more here about updates and how to check your software.

  • Your Loftie will try to reconnect to the last known network by default. If it does not detect the network, it will ask if you'd like to reconnect or continue offline. Choose "continue offline" if you are not able to connect it to a local 2.4ghz WiFi network. 

  • We do recommend keeping your clock connected to WiFi for the most stable function. As a reminder, Loftie cannot connect to community networks that are commonly available at hotels without whitelisting the MAC address and most hotels just won't do that for a one-night or weekend stay. 

    • To use without WiFi, please hold down the LEFT arrow button when you see the Loftie: Waking Up screen during the start up process. 

  • If your phone is able to broadcast a 2.4ghz WiFi hotspot, you can connect your Loftie to it to continue to access online features.