Clock - Other Features

Sleep Timer

The Sleep Timer allows you to play content or sound and have it stop after a set time. This is ideal for folks who don’t want their podcasts playing all night after they’ve drifted off to Slumberland.

To enable the Sleep Timer, on the Loftie use the arrow buttons to go to SETTINGS and scroll down to SLEEP TIMER. Press the small circular button to enter and select your duration. Whatever sound playing on Loftie will stop after that set time (this includes any sound played through Bluetooth).



Who doesn’t love a nightlight? The nightlight can be turned on and off by pressing the oval snooze button and it’s brightness can be adjusted in the app or on the Loftie itself (go to SETTINGS > NIGHTLIGHT).


Volume Shortcut

Pro-tip! Hold the left arrow button on the top of Loftie to quickly adjust the volume level for the sounds. It is also available under SETTINGS > VOLUME. (note: this does not adjust the Alarm volume)

To adjust the Alarm volume, on your Loftie go to ALARMS > SETTINGS > VOLUME.


Blackout Mode

Not a fan of stray light when you’re trying to sleep? Neither are we, that’s why we came up with Blackout mode for Loftie! Simply press and hold the oval snooze button and the clock face will black out completely—perfect for light-sensitive sleepers.


How to Restart your Loftie

To restart your Loftie, Unplug Loftie: Then press and hold the small circular button on the top right of the Loftie until the screen blacks out. Plug Loftie back in and it will boot up automatically.