Clock - Bed Signal

The new sound of bedtime is here with Loftie’s Bed Signal feature. 

Having a routine is one of the best ways to get quality sleep and that includes having a consistent bedtime. Loftie makes that easy by playing a relaxing three minute ambient lullaby meant to lull you to bed. 

How it Works

You can turn on the Bed Signal and set your bedtime under the Settings menu. You can confirm the Bed Signal is turned on when a crescent moon displays in the top right corner of your clock screen. The Bed Signal will play every day unless it is turned off in the Settings. 

At the set time, the Bed Signal will play the Loftie lullaby (3 min 10 seconds in length) and the nightlight will turn on. You can dismiss the Bed Signal by pressing any button either during or after the lullaby has played.