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The Loftie clock: the best thing that's
ever happened to your nightstand.

An alarm clock for non-alarmists

We're reimagining waking up and winding down with beautifully designed and thoughtfully connected products for the home.

Loftie is a revolutionary take on the alarm clock because we wanted the phone out of the bedroom, but weren’t looking to go back in time.

open your eyes, not your email

Our smartphones are the last thing we look at before we fall asleep and the first thing we see when we wake up.

Winding down and waking up with Loftie is our answer to keeping tech and life in balance.

Precisely what you need,
nothing you don’t.

  • Do one thing really well

    Smartphones are incredible. And they’ve been designed to take up incredible amounts of our time. Just because you have a Swiss Army Knife doesn’t mean you have to use it for everything.

  • Smart for you and only you

    In a recent survey by PwC about voice-based smart devices, well over a third of respondents said they don’t want something listening in on their lives all the time. Our products don’t. We want your data to be yours alone.

  • Design to support the human being

    Every choice we make need not be to optimize productivity. Rest is important, too. When technology is a tool, not a destination, our minds can really reset. Science shows it might even extend your life.

Beautifully designed,
thoughtfully connected.