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Sound Asleep

Loftie offers a wide variety of carefully curated sounds to help you wind down, sleep better, and wake up refreshed—no smartphone necessary.

Plus, we constantly update content so that your bedtime routine can be consistent without getting boring. Explore the science and the creators behind all of our content below.

The Science

Alarm Tones

Our gentle yet effective alarm tones are created specifically for Loftie. First, ambient wake-up sounds gently rouse you from sleep. Then, energizing get-up sounds let you know it’s time to start your day. 

The Science

White Noise

White noise smoothes over distracting noises that disrupt your sleep. It helps calm your brain, get you to sleep faster, and keep you asleep longer. The Loftie Clock has six different white noise options, so you can choose your favorite.

Sound Baths by Samer

Nature Sounds

Our soothing naturescapes will surround you with the sounds of the natural world. Enjoy dozing off to the sound of ocean waves, light rainfall, a crackling campfire, and dozens more.

The Science

Nature Sounds

Nature sounds can help decrease stress and pain, as well as improve cognitive function and mood. While getting these sounds straight from the source is ideal, evidence shows that listening to nature sounds mixed with man-made sounds (or to drown out man-made sounds) is more beneficial than not. 

How We Create Loftie's Nature Sounds

The Science


Meditation reduces cortisol, which is the hormone connected to stress. Studies have shown that meditation can help improve chronic insomnia and other sleep problems, and even enhance your overall quality of life.    


Breathwork is an active meditation technique that facilitates emotional release. It involves breathing consciously to help you change your emotional default settings, connect to your intuition, and access creativity.

You’ve been breathing all your life. But, even though you usually do it without thinking, studies have shown that deep breathing with conscious awareness can decrease your blood pressure and pulse, and relax your whole body and mind. 

Kathleen is a breathwork facilitator, Master SoulCycle Instructor, and nutrition coach in Washington, DC. She incorporates her ambition, passion, and grace into every class and client.

The Science


There’s a reason we listened to bedtime stories as a kid—they helped quiet our minds so we could get to sleep. So why did we stop? No one’s too old for a bedtime story! But in case your roommates are reluctant to read you bedtime stories, we’re bringing them back ourselves.

The Science


Loftie offers a variety of classical music that’s perfect for falling asleep. We also offer several other music genres for different moods throughout the day. 

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