Alarms 101

Wake Up Better

You don’t have to hate your alarm. With Loftie, you might even love it. We’ve designed our two-phase alarm system and custom melodic tones to match the way you naturally wake up—working with your brain, instead of against it.

What is a Two-Phase Alarm, anyway?

Gently lulls you out of sleep with soft sounds, automatically fading after 30 seconds

Wake Up Refreshed

Sample Alarm Tones

Wake Up Alarms

Ambient and relaxing, our custom wake-up sounds calmly rouse you from sleep.




Get Up Alarms

Distinct and repetitive, our custom get-up sounds let you know it’s time to get out of bed.




The Loftie Clock’s alarm tones are 100% custom designed for Loftie. Read about our alarm tones here.

Why People Love the Loftie Clock

Don’t just take it from us, hear what users think about their Loftie wake-up experience.

"I wake up so refreshed to the sounds of the Loftie's ultra-soothing alarms, instead of getting jolted out of bed every morning by my phone's alarm. This has had such a profound impact on my day and has left me feeling more focused and refreshed."


The Most Convenient Clock Ever

Pre-Set Alarms: No need to remember to turn your alarm off for the weekend, or back on before Monday. Customize your alarm schedule once, and never think of it again.

Customizable Volume: Set the exact alarm volume that works for you.

Mobile App: Unexpected early work meeting? Change your alarm schedule in our app—whenever, wherever.

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Loftie Clock

Break up with your phone alarm
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Get to sleep faster when you kick your smartphone out of the bedroom and snuggle up with our awesome music, meditations, and bedtime stories, playable right from the device.

Get the rest you deserve with all the white noise and nature sounds you could dream of, plus a gentle nightlight when you need it.

Wake up refreshed with a two-phase alarm that mimics your body’s natural waking process and features refreshingly non-alarming alarm sounds.




"Loftie is here to give us a healthier tech-life balance"