Restore Loftie

While for most things in life, a simple restart clears any issues up—sometimes a little bit more is needed. That's when a restore might come in handy. 


In most cases, a Restore for your Loftie is not needed and is not the best troubleshooting step. 


Please read the most common uses for restoring your Loftie and the full restore instructions before proceeding!


Please only use a Restore when directed to do so by Loftie support for one of the below use cases.


Use Cases

Restoring your Loftie is utilized for two main troubleshooting issues:   

  • Forgetting the connected network: The first process during the restore is to forget and then reconnect to your home network. This is why you'll see that your clock automatically enters setup mode. You may need to restore your Loftie if you are experiencing difficulties reconnecting to a new network or you recently made changes to your network and are unable to access the Settings menu. 

  • Deleting and reinstalling saved sound files on the clock: The second process is to delete all downloaded sound files on your clock's SD card and then to re-download the content. This is why you will see your clock entering update mode after reconnecting it to your network. You may need to restore your Loftie if you are experiencing sound issues, including no sounds playing or changes in track quality. 


Restore Instructions 

PLEASE NOTE: This process deletes and re-downloads all available sound content onto your Loftie. Depending on your WiFi speed, it may take a few hours for the update to complete. Please make sure your Loftie is connected to power and WiFi during the entire process.


Restore Instructions (essentially a little reset for your Loftie)

1. Make sure your Loftie is plugged in

2. Hold down the SELECT button to turn the clock off.

3. As soon as the screen goes black, hold down the SNOOZE and RIGHT ARROW.

4. While connected to power, Loftie will automatically restart on its own. 

5. Continue to hold these two buttons until you see "Loftie Restore." You can release the buttons at this point.


When you see "go to app to setup," you can go to your app to reconnect it. In the settings menu on the app, go to "Paired devices" and choose your clock. Choose "reconnect to WiFi" and follow the prompts on your app. 


*As of software version 1.1.5, you might see a "!" next to the audio tracks. This is normal, and will take a few hours as the files are downloaded. It just means the tracks are downloading in the background while you have access to the other clock functions, such as alarms, nightlight, and, of course, the time. 

Need more help? 

If the Restore did not solve the issue, please read through the following:

1. Did you actually see the word "Restore" appear on the screen? If no, you might need to double-check which buttons you're holding and the timing of when to hold them. 


2. Is the clock remaining plugged in through the whole process? Loftie requires consistent power during a download to ensure the best quality of the sound files. Make sure it's not plugged into a power strip or an outlet controlled by a light switch or dimmer.


3. Are you positive your Loftie has a consistent 2.4ghz WiFi connection? This is a frequent reason for sound-related issues; files are experiencing corruption during the download process. Please check your router's settings to ensure that your Loftie is connected to a dedicated 2.4ghz WiFi channel. If your router is using a mesh network or a dual-band signal, you may need to configure the settings and try a restore again.


If you still need additional assistance please email us at with the following information: 

  • S/N on the bottom of your clock 

  • Router make and model number 

  • What you experienced and what you currently see on your clock 

  • What you have tried already