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Listen to some of the stories we've made so far:

Bedtime stories and more ...

The Loftie Clock

It's A Cat's Life

Join Harriet the tabby cat on her daily routine as she finds the perfect sun spot, gets some treats from her mom, and takes plenty of naps.


Rye and Terry

We took Rye (5 years old) from Brooklyn and his T-Rex friend Terry through Prospect Park. Parent bonus: We think Rye’s going to be more excited for naps now.


You are Amazing

Sometimes we forget to show appreciation for the special people in our lives. With this story, Annie was given the opportunity to tell her mom how much she notices all that she brings to her life.


Ken is Missing!

Christina and her friends help Barbie find Ken and bring him back safely to Barbie's Horse Ranch.


Penelope and Sam

We wrote a spirited tale about friendship and a magical dinner party for Hope and her two special dogs Penelope and Sam.



This week, we're serving up a bonus whenever you make a story. Check out your latest dispatch from the cosmos with our Horoscopes.



Imagine yourself as Carol, living in the bustling city of Stockholm in the year 1955. As you close your eyes, you can almost feel the cobblestone streets beneath your feet...

Shhh, Loftie users have something to say

“This is a WONDERFUL feature. I want to make 12 million stories. I forwarded one to my daughter in college. She filled it out and it was the most beautiful love letter from her to me, it brought tears to my eyes.”

- Greg, who did the You Are Amazing story theme

"The anxiety at bedtime has melted away with these stories. They aren't just distracting, they're empowering."

- Olivia, whose therapist recommended Storymaker

"Now our whole family looks forward to the weekly new features emails."

- Imani, whose children love the Perfect Vacation theme

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