Loftie Lamp

See Sleep in a New Light

Our stylishly minimalist Loftie Lamp is designed to bring you healthier sleep and happier mornings.

It also keeps away the dark.

Designed for elegant simplicity that lights up a room whether it’s on or not. With soft lines and gentle contours, the Loftie Lamp’s familiar but airy silhouette changes the vibe of a room with its look as much as its light.

The Loftie Lamp’s adjustable brightness makes it the perfect lamp for whatever shade of complexity the moment calls for - whether it’s a strong light to fuel work mode, or soft, gentle, feel-good light for a more intimate mood. 

End your day by naturally easing your body out of wakefulness with your own personal sunset - a gentle, joyful light show that gradually recedes to the base of the lamp, easing your room (and brain) into a soft, restful mood.

Experience a gradual awakening with soft, gentle light, starting from the base of the lamp and traveling upwards.

Some Lamps are Smart. This Light is Brilliant.


Dawn simulation has been shown in studies to enhance cognitive performance, well-being, and mood. A good dose of light also helps to reduce sleep inertia (the sleepy feeling that sticks around after waking up), improve alertness, and boost physical performance.

Bedside Besties

The Loftie Clock and Lamp can partner up to bring coordinated sound and light to your wake ups, wind downs, breathwork and sleep stories. They’re like the Lennon and McCartney of mindful technology.

"Loftie is here to give us a healthier tech-life balance"