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Introducing Loftie Lamp

Coming Spring 2022

Meet Our Lamp

We get it. The real estate on your nightstand is precious.

So we designed the perfect bedside lamp that makes a statement, while also setting the exact mood you need—right when you need it.

Inspired by nature, wake up to the natural colors of the sunrise and wind down with the evening sunset.

With adjustable brightness, the Loftie Lamp is a perfect reading lamp and also provides a soft, gentle, feel-good light at any time of day. 


Sunrise Alarm

Reading light 

Pairs with the Loftie Clock to bring sound and light to your wake-up.

WiFi-connected. Set or adjust the Lamp with the Loftie App. 

Breathing Light: Light ebbs and flows as a cue for calming the breath.

  • Fall asleep and wake up to nature. On your own schedule.

Sunrise Alarm

Experience a gradual awakening with soft, gentle light, starting from the base of the lamp and traveling upwards.

Dawn simulation has been shown in studies to enhance cognitive performance, well-being, and mood. A good dose of light also helps reduce sleep inertia (the sleepy feeling that sticks around after waking up), improve alertness, and boost physical performance.

Simulated dawn can also improve the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder during fall and winter months.