Family Time

No more bedtime battles or zombie mornings.

The Loftie Clock simplifies daily routines and builds lifelong habits. (Without more screens!)

Delightful bedtime chimes and customizable wake-up alarms make it easy for kids to create their own bedtime rituals. Musical “get-up time” chimes help younger kids know when it’s ok to get out of you can stay in bed a little longer. 

Kids love listening to other kids. That's why many of Loftie Clock's relaxing bedtime stories are told by kids for kids. Of course kids also love grownup story tellers, so we have them too. (Although, they'd be the first to admit they're really just big ol' kids themselves.)

Want to camp out in the living room? Pretend it's bedtime on a pirate ship? Dream of being a bird sleeping in its nest? Our naturescapes have got you covered. Our soothing outdoor sounds transport listeners of any age into the natural world. Enjoy dozing off to the sound of ocean waves, light rainfall, a crackling campfire, and dozens more.

The Loftie Clock’s gentle nightlight offers enough of a warm glow to be reassuring without disrupting a growing body's natural rest processes.

They may outgrow those new pajamas in about ten minutes, but the Loftie Clock is designed to grow with your kids…no matter how big their feet get. With cool, customizable alarm sounds, and constantly updating content including guided meditations, breathwork, music, sound baths, stories, and nature sounds, the Loftie Clock will be a bedtime companion for even longer than that adorable fuzzy teddy bear. 

Story time

Our bedtime stories are designed to quiet busy minds and help children (and adults) leave the day behind and relax into sleep. 

Phoebe was 8 when she made up her collection of sleep stories for Loftie. She loves to pet cats, read Harry Potter, wear costumes, and she always, always, always falls asleep hugging her very favorite stuffed animal, Big Bunny. She is currently at work on a book titled, “The Guide to Snuggling.”

Gently wind down and wake up refreshed

The Loftie Clock helps kids stay asleep longer, which is critical to their well-being. (Not to mention yours.)