Copy of Get Started

Hello! Welcome to Loftie.


A big disclaimer to kick things off: Everything about the pre-production Loftie you’ve received is a work in progress (including the instructions below). There are lots of things we’re happy with – and plenty of things that we’re still working on. With that in mind…

To get started, follow these three simple steps: 


1. Turn your Loftie on 

Simply plug your Loftie in and it will turn on automatically. 


2. Download the Loftie app

Install the Loftie app from the Apple App Store or Google Play on your phone. 


3. Follow the steps in the Loftie app 
Click “Let’s get started” and follow the steps to connect your Loftie to WiFi. Your Loftie may update with the newest software upon connecting. The update should take 1-3 minutes and, after an automatic restart, your Loftie will be ready to use. If you encounter any problems during the process, email us at and we will work with you to get your Loftie up and running.


Loftie 101

Everything is accessible from the menu, which you can access by pressing one of the arrow keys. Here are the basics on what each button can do.


We’re building out a detailed user guide and FAQ database. In the meantime, here is some basic information to get started. Have a question you don’t see here or encounter something a bit odd? Email us at


How do I turn it on and off?
Hold down the select button (small round button on the right) for 10 seconds to turn Loftie on and off when Loftie is not plugged in (plugging in a Loftie will turn it on automatically). You can also turn off your Loftie from the Settings menu. 

How do I connect it to WiFi?
Download the Loftie app and follow the instructions to connect Loftie to WiFi. If you need to connect to a different network than the one you set Loftie up on, select “Forget Wifi” from the Settings menu and then follow the instructions in the Loftie app once Loftie powers back on. 

How do I connect it to Bluetooth?
Use the arrow buttons to navigate the menu to select "Settings" and click "Bluetooth." On your phone, go to Settings, then “Bluetooth.” Tap on "Loftie XXX" (You’ll see the last three digits of your Loftie’s serial number).  You can now stream any audio to Loftie. Coming soon: You’ll be able to connect Loftie to Bluetooth headphones (stand by!). 

How do I use the nightlight?
Click the snooze button from the home screen to turn the nightlight on and off. You can adjust the brightness in the Settings menu. 

How can I adjust the screen brightness?
You can adjust the screen brightness in the Settings menu. You can also hold down the snooze button to enable black out mode, and exit it by pushing any other button.