Loftie is Now on Spotify!

Whether for music streaming, podcasts, or radio…everybody’s on Spotify these days. And starting now, you can find Loftie’s custom breathwork content on Spotify too.   

You heard it right: We’re offering a sneak peak of the oh so sooooothing content that will be available on all Lofties come this fall, right now. 

Feeling stressed? Need to settle down before bed? Or just looking to focus? Head on over to Spotify, where you can check out our Breathwork Playlist, a collection of eight breathing meditation sessions. Stream the album for relaxing and uplifting breathing exercises whenever and wherever you want a little calm.  

Not on Spotify? Loftie’s Breathwork is available on 17 other music platforms, including Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes, and Pandora. 

About Breathwork

Breathwork is an active mediation technique that can help promote an emotional release. It can reset default emotional settings and lifetime patterns of depression, anxiety, and addiction. Breathwork connects you to your intuition and creativity, while increasing your ability to feel gratitude and self-love.

Our breathwork sessions are led by breathwork facilitator Kathleen Kulikowski. Kathleen is a Master SoulCycle Instructor, fitness instructor, and nutrition coach in Washington, DC. If you like working out to your spin instructor’s uplifting words of encouragement, Loftie’s breathwork and meditation content is your ticket to ride, no sweaty spin class required -- Kathleen is also Yoga Sculpt Certified and, once upon a time, a dancer. 

The Loftie App

“But what, there’s more.” Discover more of Loftie’s features on our free app. Download the Loftie App today (available for both iOS and Android) for unique and relaxing content. In these challenging times, we could all do with less stress and better quality sleep. 

Check out the app for:
-Breathwork exercises
-White noise sounds
-Soundbaths by Samer Ghadry