Sleep Series: Q&A with Loftie's Customer Experience Representative

Sleep Series: Q&A with Loftie's Customer Experience Representative

Cage diving with great white sharks, Egyptian Licorice tea, and Bob's Burgers. 
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What’s your Name?

Job, title?
Customer Experience Representative at Loftie

Favorite thing about the gig?
The people! I work with some fun humans and dogs!

Side, stomach or back sleeper?

Do you prefer sleeping alone or w/ a buddy?
Buddy (and cats)

Pajamas or your birthday suit?
Boxers and a big t-shirt

Morning person or night owl?
I used to be a night owl, but in the last few years, I’ve become a morning person

A must before a bed?
Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea! That stuff knocks me right out!

First thing you do in the morning?
Feed my cats before they mutiny

Do you remember your first sleepover?
Yes, I do! It was the 90s. We watched A League of Their Own and ate microwave popcorn that was different colors (because it was the 90s)

Can you name a movie with “Sleep” in the title? Song?
The Science of Sleep - Michel Gondry
“Sleep” - The Dandy Warhols

Something you’ll stay up past your bedtime for?
Movies. I love going to midnight showings of old favorites

Would you rather fall asleep whenever you want or wake up whenever you want?
Wake up whenever I want

If you could invite one person to a slumber party, who would it be?
Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

Someone you can talk to until the sun comes up.
My partner

Something so boring that you fall asleep?
Smooth Jazz

Describe cozy/one word for cozy.

Stuffed animal or blankie? What was its Name?
Stuffed Shark named Brucio

Nightlight or no light?
I must have complete darkness

Do scary movies keep you awake at night?
Even as a “grown-up” it’s I still prefer to leap into bed so monsters don’t grab my ankles (I mean why even take a chance?)

Favorite time of day or night?
8-10 AM on a Saturday

That’s when I write!

A celeb you bet is a good cuddler?
Melanie Lynskey (my Kiwi queen)

Who’s the light of your life ;-)
Two fur babies named Billie and Lola

Something you often daydream about?
Cage diving with great white sharks

Describe peaceful
A moment where you know you’re exactly where you need to be

Describe wellness
A balancing act of self-love

Favorite sound
Mourning Doves Cooing

Favorite smell
Campfire smoke