Wake up sleepyheadLoftie is live on Indiegogo. Pre-order now with 40% off.

Open your eyes,
not your email

Break up with your smartphone alarm
and get a better night's rest.

Exactly what you need,
nothing you don't.

White noise

Media player



Alarm clock

What can I play on it?

Listen to your favorite podcast or playlist — or relax with Loftie’s unique content, including sound baths, breathwork, and bedtime stories.

When can I get one?

You can pre-order a Loftie on Indiegogo now. Loftie ships in October.

Do I need my phone to use it?

Nope — you can play everything right from the clock. But, if you want to set your alarm or make a playlist while you’re out of the house, we’ve got an app, too.

How is it different from Alexa/Google Home?

It's connected in a way to help you disconnect. No microphones listening or cameras watching — only the things you need to wind down and wake up.